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Foreign Exchange market has existed since 1971. This market is highly financial and involves a lot of currencies.

Getting Started In Forex - A Simple Blueprint For Success

As a human trader in forex market, we can Traders Elite Review  lower our risk in trading forex by taking small profits (PIPs) within a small time frame (short period of time). Shorter time frame like 15-minute (M15), 30-minute trade (M30) or even hourly trade (H1, H4) have less risks, compared to longer time frame like daily trade, weekly trade or monthly trade. Rather than aiming 200 pips to 500 pips in longer period, which sometimes may not happen in weeks or months before it hits target profits of a forex trader, just consider to target 30 pips a day. If the profit trades are consistent, in 20 days trading in forex market (a month period), the forex trader would have accumulated 600 pips profits already!The most important successful factor for new beginner FX trader is to learn trading of foreign exchange currency online before anxiously entering into the volatile FX market. Best to is get a coach or mentor who can literally hold the new trader's hand and show step by step method to trade for living!George ONG is a renowned motivational speaker, a successful entrepreneur, an investor (forex trading & property) & a JCI community leader in Malaysia. After finding a speedy wealth vehicle in trading forex, George has been trading for profits on daily basis and having the freedom to trade for living! Today,